News – The Bachelor Farmer Cook

The short film, The Bachelor Farmer Cook, will be shown at the Wimberley Film Festival on January 18, 2020. The event begins at 6:00 pm at the 7A Ranch Opera House. More information about the film is available on The Bachelor Farmer Cook FaceBook page.

News – Nudged

Nudged has been available for rental via Amazon Prime Video for several years. Now it is available from Film Freeway. It’s password protected but as visitors to my site you have access. Enter longbow12 when you get to the site.

News – Wimberley Film Festival

The Wimberley Film Festival was held in January 2019. It is for short films only and so I edited one of the sequences in Wine Bar of the Mind to be a stand alone film, called The Audition. It won for Best Comedy.

Update on New Film

There is a new post in this category. No, it’s not about progress on the new film. It’s about my recent mixing theater with film in a post called Doing a Little Horror Shopping.


Update on Aging

Dakota and Rodger – Together in a film


In a switch from being behind the camera, awhile back I was the subject of a short film. It is a new addition to the Update on Aging section titled – Life with Cancer: Texas Oncology Stories of Inspiration.



New Film

I have been developing a new motion picture for somewhat longer than I’d anticipated. I’ve identified a theme and have created characters, imagined situations and extrapolated the interactions that emerge from them. I have made fair, if slow, progress

My film school instructor said: “A screenplay is NOT written. It is rewritten.” However, for now I’m going to settle for just “written.”

There will be occasional essays (posts) to report on my progress. These will be found at the Depth of Focus tag above.

Also, I’m going to update some statistics below on a regular basis. As of April, 2019.

  • Current Working Title: Depth of Focus
  • Recent Activity: Dianne and I worked on the book within the film and wrote a really clever ending that won’t appear in the film but that will be in the published book. Jason has written a song for the first scene that we plan on producing as a stand alone audio release.
  • Number of Scenes: 29 (This indicates how much of the story has been developed)
  • Number of pages: 22 (This indicates how much dialog I’ve written)
  • Number of Characters: 5 featured roles, 10 minor roles, plus 10 extras for one scene.
  • Number of locations: 6

All of the 204 essays written for the UTMB East Texas Geriatric Education Center project will be found at the Update on Aging tab.