I am developing a new motion picture. I’ve been thinking about themes for awhile and have created characters, imagined situations and extrapolated the interactions that emerge from them.

This screenplay will take several months to develop and then several more to refine. My film school instructor said: “A screenplay is NOT written. It is rewritten.”

There will be occasional essays (posts) to report on my progress. These will be found at the Depth of Focus tag above.

Also, I’m going to update some statistics below on a regular basis. As of September 5, 2017.

  • Current Working Title: Depth of Focus
  • Number of Scenes: 29 (This indicates how much of the story has been developed)
  • Number of pages: 20 (This indicates how much dialog I’ve written)
  • Number of Characters: 5 featured roles, 10 minor roles, plus 10 extras for one scene.
  • Number of locations: 6

All of the 204 essays written for the UTMB East Texas Geriatric Education Center project will be found at the Update on Aging tab.