Ellie Adder, PI was created by Jason Michael Marion and Rodger Marion as a recurring character in a variety of media. Ellie finds herself in interesting situations that only a person of her poise and self-confidence could conquer.

Modern Radio Adventures of Ellie Adder, PI – Episodes

Ellie Adder is unstuck in time and her adventures span many years. The list below is chronological but that is not necessarily the order in which Ellie experienced them. Each detective story is under 15-minutes long and is a radio show done in the style of the 1930’s and 40’s. Ellie lives in Texas but even her writers don’t know where.

  1. The Case of the Silver Screen Horses. Ellie finds herself in San Antonio, Texas in 1932, where she is hired to catch real horse rustlers on a make-believe motion picture. Broadcast by Wimberley Valley Radio (KWVH 94.3FM) on August 11, 2021. Ready for broadcast.
  2. The Case of Fagin’s Protege. It is 1933 in the depth of the Depression and Ellie finds herself caught up in a child’s fairy tale come true. Written and being cast.
  3. The Case of the Sign of the Chimes. This adventure involves secret documents and double agents high in the sky over San Francisco in 1939. Ready for broadcast.
  4. The Case of Meteors & Movie Stars. This adventure has Ellie staying at a fabulous, desert hotel and involved with movie stars and meteors. It’s 1939 and mystery blows in with the desert wind. Finished except for music.
  5. The Case of Cupid on the Half Shell. Unintentionally cast in the role of Cupid, Ellie finds herself playing match unmaker in this tale from Galveston, Texas in 1940. Ready for broadcast.
  6. The Case of Spies by the Sea. In 1942, the US Government enlists Ellie’s help in catching spies who are broadcasting shipping information to German submarines in the Gulf of Mexico. Based on true events from World War Two. In development.
  7. The Case of the Wild Ride. In 1949, Ellie buys a car and over the course of a day stops a runaway horse and saves the rider with a wild car chase across Texas. Written and being cast .
  8. The Case of the Journey Beyond Reason. In the year 1955, amid atomic bomb scares and alien visitations, Ellie travels into a case that’s almost “too hot to handle.” Being recorded.
  9. The Case of the Secret Sauce. This adventure is about the theft of a priceless pirate’s treasure chest and is set, near the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, in 1963. Our narrator is Ellie’s good friend Daisy Goodwin. Finished except for music.

Movie – Watch Ellie Adder, PI – The Case of the Covid Eye. This tale of star-crossed spouses bent on blackmail and set during the pandemic is streaming now on YouTube. This adventure is a film created in a B&W Film Noir format.Laurel wreath 2

  • Photo Gallery – Pictures from the November 2020 production. The film was shot with many precautions taken in regard to the pandemic. Rehearsals were done virtually by Zoom. The filming days were done with everyone masked and even the camera stayed six feet away.
  • Film Noir – How did we create a Film Noir look?
  • Screenplay – PDF file of the final version of the screenplay. Copyright by Jason Michael Marion and Rodger Marion, 2020.
  • Blackmail Letters – If you wondered exactly what was in those blackmail letters check them out here,

People Who Created Ellie Adder – Cast & Crew – The actors and other creatives who bring to life the Modern Radio Adventures of Ellie Adder, PI.

Podcasts – Below are three 30-second commercials made to promote our Modern Radio Adventures. Also, included is an interview with Jason and Rodger that was broadcast on Wimberley Valley Radio (KWVH 94.3FM) on August 8, 2021.

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Radio Interview 8-9-21 Ellie Adder, PI

Jason and Rodger discuss developing the Ellie Adder, PI stories on KWVH 94.3FM radio
  1. Radio Interview 8-9-21
  2. Radio Spot – Car Chase
  3. Radio Spot – Horse Rustling
  4. Radio Spot – Warning