Bill Sinkin

Bill Sinkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I have been at the annual Innovations in Online Learning conference in San Antonio. I gave a presentation about our use of social media in the ETGEC (see the link below for the actual presentation). In my room was a freebie magazine and it had an article about 101 fun things to do this Summer. Illustrating the article were photos of a very robust 99 year old man having a great time eating ice cream, going to the movies and playing golf. The man is Bill Sinkin, who is a very long time fixture in San Antonio’s civic and business activities (see his link below). The pictures just exude a celebration of life, so that’s today’s blog. No issues or sarcasm, just happy celebration.

Now Bill Sinkin reminded me of a series of Six Flags commercials that showed another older man who was just delighted with life. These commercials have very zippy music and the man just dancing up a storm. You have to see it. Go to the Happy Dance link below.

It’s curious but some people did not like these commercials and felt the old man was creepy (see the creepy links below), but we’ll deal with creepy another time. For today just go outside and enjoy the sunshine.


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