The stars of Part 1 – Lucy & L. D. Keen

Six years ago, Tony DiNuzzo and I sojourned into East Texas to interview people who had lived all of their long lives in those piney woods. Helped by kindly AHEC staff members who arranged the interviews and guided us from place to place, we interviewed a married couple and two widows. We ended up with three stories, all different, all fascinating.

For the next three weeks, I’m going to feature one of the stories and we will base Wednesday’s discussion on that film.  The segments are each approximately 20 minutes long and viewed directly in this window. Part 1 is below.

Across all three parts the people interviewed were:

  1. Mr. L. D. and Mrs. Lucy Keen
  2. Mrs. Mae Settler
  3. Mrs. Lois Dyes

The interviews were arranged by:

  1. Carlene Wilson and Shelly Milner at East Texas Health Access Network
  2. Kinny Parker at Piney Woods Area Health Education Center
  3. Deborah Flaniken at East Texas Area Health Education Center and Kathy Strong, Nacogdoches Treatment Center

(Join us for a discussion about part 1 of Lives Lived in East Texas on Wednesday, August 29, 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. Link to the meeting room:  Also, see Discussion and SL tabs above for details)