Holidays bring extended time with family. That is expected to be a good thing, but it can be stressful. It may be particularly stressful if you have relatives or friends with Alzheimer’s disease. I found a few interesting resources from caregivers to help you hold your emphasis on love during the holidays.
These two blogs had a few simple helps.

After it’s all over, the surviving spouse needs to thoughtfully re-engage. The steps of one survivor are chronicled here. Barton, W. L. Our Journey Through Alzheimer’s – Christmas Preparations. December 3, 2011.

This is a short entry as too many ideas get lost in the rush.

Bask in moments of mindfulness and reflection during the last few weeks of 2011. 2012 is coming soon and my Mayan calendar is warm to the touch and beginning to vibrate. One wonders what the new year will bring?