Over the last three years the Weekly Update on Aging has been published 163 times. Over that time period there have been 10,487 views of these thoughtful columns written by those involved with the ETGEC.Rural lighting

How often a single essay (or blog) has been viewed varies from 1 to 849. Below are listed the top three blogs. Each of these has been viewed over 100 times.

Hello in There – Thoughts on Loneliness and Aloneness by Tony DiNuzzo – 106 views

The Kindness of Strangers by Rodger Marion – 313 views

What is Elderspeak? by Bronia Michejenko – the most viewed of all the 163 posts with 849 views.

Following closely are two of my favorites, Yet Another Surprise About Aging (88 views) and Of Cougars and Founding Fathers (71 views).

Y’all may wish to revisit some of these top posts. Further you can use the Search function (on the left there) to jump to any of the posts. I encourage you to explore some of the really incredible richness of the posts from the past.

Today’s image: One of my favorite photos from a past post that discussed rural electrification.

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